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Will Coleman
Managing Director


Will Coleman is the founder and managing director of ONRAMP CAPITAL.  He has spent more than a decade as an  investor, advisor, and entrepreneur working in the earliest stages of innovation.  Will is CEO of Lucid (acquired AYI) and has been senior advisor to Prelude Ventures, Chairman of the board at Lucid Design Group, and advisor at Honest Buildings, Phylagen, and Spire among other companies.  Will has been on the governing council of The Wilderness Society and the board of advisors for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC).  Will also sits on the Investment Advisory Board for the California Energy Commission's $840M Low Carbon Transportation Fund.


Will has been an active proponent for catalyzing continued innovation in commercial and industrial businesses, testifying 3 times in front of the US Senate and 2 times infront of the US House of Representatives on the challenges and opportunities for spurring increased C&I innovation.  Will has also authored a bill supporting continued investment in industrial innovation that is currently under consideration in both the House and Senate.  


Prior to ONRAMP CAPITAL will was a Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures focusing on early stage venture capital investments in energy and technology companies.  Will has also worked in the commercial operations group at GE Energy, with X/seed Capital and the Global Environment Fund, and as the director of legislative affairs for the New Fuels Alliance (formerly REAP). As an entrepreneur Will built the digital media business for Academic Partners where he developed one of the first crowdsourced news sites, helped launch the Mindset network, and worked on one of the earliest visions for online courseware.  Will also co-founded Running for Change, a national social engagement network.


Will received his AB magna cum laude from Harvard University and earned a MBA and MS in Energy & Resources from the University of California at Berkeley where he founded the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative (BERC) and the Center for Energy & Environmental Innovation (CEEI).


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