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The last decade has generated unprecedented advances in computing, analytics, tools, and materials. From modern data architectures to IoT to services innovations, every industry is changing.  ONRAMP is helping entrepreneurs and corporations partner to leverage these advances and speed innovation in some of the largest commercial and industrial markets



ONRAMP is a new way of thinking about incubation and open-innovation. We work closely with industry partners from the outset, target real needs, fund or build solutions, and work with our partners to go to market. Venture capital is focused on disruption. ONRAMP is focused on transformation through lean, rapidly deployable solutions. Some may be big, hairy ideas that can change an entire business. Some tackle more targeted challenges that can be developed and deployed rapidly. We are not another accelerator or incubator, we are an incubation partner building companies that solve real industry problems.



ONRAMP focuses on transforming one sector at a time. We go deep to understand the needs of our industry partners and the market, and then find, fund, or build the solutions that meet those needs.



The average startup takes 10 years to build and exit. Everyone wants to do it faster.  We marry the best of a founder's creativity and urgency with the resources of our partners to build and deploy solutions faster.



We emphasize bringing value to our companies and to our partners.  ONRAMP provides early access to emerging solutions and a means to engage with them at the formative stages of their development.

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